Angelgives (5:42)

Night fell so softly
To serve this twisted man’s waking hour
Tossed alone in the crowd’s raging surge
Two million trampled left lackadaisical birthing scars
Across the withering flesh of our nation’s chest

What my angel gives

Night slipped away to the pull of the progression horns
Rattle back instead in my head
What can I do? this is my world, too
My friend don’t go away
Stay, stay, stay

What my angel gives

Night fell again so softly on its cue
I beg to pull the blue sky away from the black

They sat in the cool night’s desert under a curving blanket of stars.
That evening they were the only two people in the world.
They were alive, alone, apart from culture’s pull.
Fate’s generosity snapped them out of politics’ shackles and they
Were free to interact with each
Other, each other’s other and nobody else.
This world was built for them.
They exchanged words rarely,
As they had long been rendered
Unnecessary- like choosing soda over water.
This seemed to be when he loved her- when they were alone.
Not alone in the house of his
Father which reeked of his subordination.
Not alone in the house of her mother that was never her home,
But in the desert miles and miles
And miles away from any faint influence.
They were alone.
And they were loving.

Hari Allen [backup vox]

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Rough Draft

Song Notes

Spoken excerpt from the short story “He and She #16”


The Angel


Hari Allen

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