I’ve fallen into this album – after several listens, I’m almost more impressed than I was the first time. The opening track, ‘Ashland’, had me a bit confused in the beginning, but fell quickly into a rock-type song. Of course, by the time the second track, ‘Roadstar’ appeared, well, I was hooked. ‘Roadstar’ is more of a dance song, and is absolutely infectious. ‘Grow Crazy’ is more of a crashing alt.rock song. It’s great. This album tends to bounce all over the place and is damned awesome while doing it. This is almost like a mix tape, but, you know, better, since there is coherency as well. I really like this album – it’s one of the ones I’ve really wanted to write about and words are totally escaping me today. William Steffey, thank you for making this awesome collection of tunes. I hope everyone else gets to experience the joy of it sometime soon. ****1/2

-Perrrsy Girl

Can’t Stop The Now...

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