Tyranny of Collaboration

I was lucky to meet Dave Wechsler over coffee at Nighthawk Chicago. He’s immediately recognizable by the pleasantly dystopian Americana tunes he records under the moniker “Tyranny of Dave.” Plus, he’s got a really cool red coat.

I saw two of his shows last winter, both in intimate rooms with spellbound audiences. Dave’s irreverently earthy sound and his off-the-cuff storytelling immediately roped me.

Recently, Dave shared his choice Quarantine Tips here on my website. He mentioned remote collaboration during Covid, and it got me thinking: Why don’t Dave and I work together?

He and I make very different sounding music, and this makes the idea of collaborating with Dave even more enticing. The other day we met for social-D coffee and decided to do a ‘song swap’ of sorts. I’m going to write and record a song for Dave to sing on, and Dave is going to write and record a song for me to sing on. Are you ready!?

We’re going to release both singles on the same day– each under our own names with the singer as the featured artist.

Stay tuned for the new music, and vinyl giveaways from the both of us!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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