Three Live Appearances This Week!

My trio, Boolean Knife, will be hitting the stage Thursday night the 27th of April. We’ll be playing as a part of the “International Pop Overthrow” Festival at the Red Line Tap in Rogers Park. There is a whole night of music, and we’re on from 8:45 to 9:30. RSVP on the Facebook Event Page.

Afterwards, I’m going to high-tail it over to Lizards Liquid Lounge on Irving Park Road to perform two small sets acoustic style at their Thursday open-mic.

Darker Dreams and Penguin BitesThen on Saturday the 29th, the whole band will play our full electric set at Lizards at 9:30pm. RSVP here. How awesome would it be if you showed up at one of these?! For those who’d like to participate but can’t make the trek to the city, we’re planning to live stream segments from all three performances on Facebook live.

Boolean Knife plays a mix of my own material as well as a handful of band originals (and a couple covers thrown in for fun). To hear what we sound like, check out our live EP “Darker Dreams and Penguin Bites”

Can’t Stop The Now...

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