The Ghost of Mayonnaise and Kisses

Yesterday afternoon I sat down in my studio to do some sonic ‘doodling’ and came up with a 3.5 min piece of sound / music. I primarily used Reason 5 and Native Instruments Absynth. It’s a simple chord progression with a ton of layered synths and a glitchy percussive undertow. In the mood to create, I loaded up Adobe Premiere with the finished music and started layering some appropriate stock video clips with different blend modes. The video itself was a little repetitive so I decided to use the whole thing as a backbone for a poem I wrote many years ago called “The Ghost of Mayonnaise and Kisses”. The whole project took me about 5-6 hours and it feels great to put something else out into the world (as the Blood Diamonds video will still be in production for the next few months.)

As far as the poem, the syllable structure is based on the ratios in one of the Platonic Polyhedra- specifically the tetrahedron. It’s got 30 syllables in the first stanza (6 lines of 5 syllables) and 49 syllables in the second stanza (7 lines of 7 syllables). 30/49 is also the ratio of the tetrahedron’s radius to the length of its edge. For deeper explanation (and tons of other poems) please visit my site at

Can’t Stop The Now...

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