Springtime Breezes

Haven’t blogged in awhile, and I wanted to get in touch to let you to know some of the exciting happenings around here: Biggest is that my new album, Accidents and Melodies, is going to be released in less than two weeks! There’s a lot more news to go along with that but we’re still in the planning stages.

I spent the evening reworking williamsteffey.com which is currently offline apart from a promotional one-pager. The site’s structure was built around 1997 when frames, tables, and images with link maps dominated best practices. Long story short and because of these techniques, the powerhouse 150+ page website was barely indexed by Google. While I’m not building it up from scratch, I have gotten rid of the frames, and remodeled the navigation to make it much more friendly to spiders and users alike. Expect a bunch of new material when williamsteffey.com is finally back online, on or before the release date of the new album.

Finally, the live show practicing is underway! Bass player Mike and drummer Jeff have been working on their parts independently, and I’ve gotten together with TK to work on our guitar parts together. What I’m most excited about is that we’re going to be playing to backing tracks which allows us to more closely reproduce the electronic & synth elements of my music which were missing from our live performances in 2009. I have a 50 minute set picked out (11 songs) and we’re going to knock down the first 5 in the next weeks. We’ll be on that damn stage before you know it!

I’ll leave you with a video that Maureen Boyle and I made for the song “Dark Kind of Guy”, which will be released on April 14th with the rest of Accidents and Melodies. Enjoy the moving pictures and talk to you soon!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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