Songs from The Shift

2012 is undeniably a time of great upheaval. We all know about the Mayan calendar recycling, as well as the ramping up of the Aquarian Age. No matter what you call it, it’s pretty evident that our human race is on the verge of a large leap in our collective consciousness. I touch on this concept in various ways throughout much of my work. The song / video below is my own anthem for this time in history, and is dedicated to all the people slightly ahead of the curve.

I don’t often explain my lyrics because I enjoy letting people attach their own meanings to them. In this case, because I feel the subject matter to be of substantial import, I’m happy to make an exception. Here are the words to the song “Tread”.

it was just like yesterday I remember when we
tooled down to the wharf to take that helicopter ride
as I fingered hearts into the spirals of your hand we watched
the last of the sealife forms crawl their way onto the sand

the bucketholders arrive!
from certain solitude comes balance fair
deep crankin’ seal cut jive– on me
that’s what you came here for
big easy surprise: postponed

it was the springtime of my purity
when every night was the end of the world
underneath that infant moon
the crush of the upper-worlds altitude christmas
coin by coin I cashed in the kingdom for my consciousness

the bucketholders arrive!
and killed the chess guru from planet 9
conquering at the same time all three plastic atmospheres
right before our eyes– with love

I’ll take you all the way I’ll take you all the way
I’ll take you all the way I’ll take you all the way

the bucketholders arrive!
with seashells in the speakers and skatefish on the grill
by the time august arrives
we’ll be safe at home

This song compares our dawning age of consciousness to the ascent of marine life to dry land 420 million years ago. We begin lyrically with a helicopter ride witnessing the first arthropods evolving from water onto the sand. The image in the start of the video after the passing bus features some nice graffiti stressing “DAY ONE”.

I do enjoy the paradigm of the Astrological Age to describe this period in time. It’s for this reason that each chorus of the song begins with “The Bucketholders Arrive!”, which is a reference to the Aquarian symbol, the water-carrier. Now would be a good time to explain more about the deeper symbolic dynamic of water.

Water has always been the foremost archetypal symbol for the subconscious. The Piscean Age immediately preceded the Aquarian Age. The sign for Pisces is the fish, which lives underwater. I interpret that passing time to be an epoch where people were generally more centered in their subconscious. It’s not a coincidence that Jesus is also associated with the same fish of the Pisces symbol. Of course, we have the great image of Jesus walking on water. This mythology is generally translated as a person who is fully in touch with the ‘waters’ of his/her subconscious, but is operating completely in the conscious plane. I interpret the passing Piscean Age as a time where people were mostly operating ‘underwater’: being driven mostly by their subconscious urges- and even interpreting reality through the strong shade of their subconscious eye.

On the other hand, the Aquarian symbol of the water-carrier (as I interpret it) features a human who has harnessed the waters of their subconscious. So the “Bucketholders” in the song are essentially people who are spearheading this new evolution of principal operation from the conscious plane. (The Piscean Age is referenced in the last chorus of the song in the form of the ‘skatefish’.) It is important to note that we are all going through these same ‘ages’ together, regardless of your astrological sign (which I personally don’t put too much weight on anyhow).

If you’re interested in other work of mine that touches on “The Shift”, or whatever name you attach to this new time, check out the songs Breathing Underwater, Wonder, or Waterside. There are plenty more, but these are the first few that come to mind.

Thanks for reading, Bucketholders. Enjoy the songs!


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