SONG TWO: Goddess is a Monster

Today is Monday, February 8th. To recap, I’m taking the RPM Challenge which requires me to write and record 10 new songs within the month of February. Last year I worked steadily one song at a time, but this year there is a lot of overlapping.

I have a bad head cold.

Last Friday, Tim came over and recorded his sax parts for song #1, “Dogstar”. After the session, Tim and I sat in my living room listening to jazz records and original material ideas off his phone. We enjoyed a little bit of whiskey. And then some Moscow Mules. Jeff (the drummer from Boolean Knife) texted to let us know that he was over at the Atlantic Bar & Grill having a drink, so we went and joined him. Several beers and questionable karaoke renditions later, the three of us ended up at Huettenbar in Lincoln Square. Over all it was a great night! But all the fun played havoc on my immune system and now I’ve got a ridiculous chest/head cold that’s lasted 3 days. I say this because I have been unable to record vocals on songs 2 & 3, which are otherwise musically complete.

I’m going to keep trucking on more and more songs and wait until I’m well enough to sing them without hurting myself. So while it would have been nice to present a new, complete song every three days, it’s simply not working out that way this year. The RPM Challenge doesn’t care how you record your 10 songs, just that they’re done by the end of the month. Meanwhile, it’s lots of rest and liquids for me.

Here is the music for song #2, titled “Goddess is a Monster” as it stands without vocals. Don’t mind the nasty ride cymbal in the bridge- I touched that up already. I will likely post the vocal version (along with notes about the song) in the near future.

EDIT 2.14.16: Access to this track has expired. It will be available on a future Boolean Knife release.

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