11:06pm. Well, the month is up in 54 minutes and I’ve got 5 songs and I’m pretty happy with them. These tracks will be touched up and polished before ending up on my album (in Spring?) but here are the most recent versions of all of them.

Song #1: Stay Up Later (featuring Anne Kay)

Very happy with this, although I think Anne’s vocals could be a touch louder. I think I’m also going to experiment with keeping the chorus vocals going in toto when the other “I used to be afraid to fly” lyrics come in. The song is still building there, and to drop out half the words the last time through detracts from that.

Song #2: Shangri-La (featuring Traci Weingardt)

I still have 5 songs to do, but this one might be track one on my album. It’s short and to the point and has a great opening verse that engages the listener. Thanks to Traci for the amazing bass part- she’s a punk rocker, and she said this was a welcome challenge for her. Also, super sweet backup vocals by Traci in the choruses.

Song #3: Famous Bones

A wonderful look back on the Paris leg of my honeymoon, with references real-world and otherwise. This is also definitely going on the album. I need to juice up the end of the bridge before the final chorus though. I’ll do those touchups after I complete the next 5 songs.

Song #4: The Remedy

This one is definitely growing on me, but I feel the verses and choruses don’t sound like they belong in the same song. I think I’m going to go back and add some guitar parts to pull everything together. Get to that also when I finish the full 10.

Song #5: Lamppost on Sawyer

Still needs work (the dynamics of the instruments could be a little tighter and I’m not happy with the production). Fun use of an 8-note microtonal Golden Section scale. Ideally, I’d like to have some instrumental passages like this dotted throughout my full-length album, but only if it makes sense and contributes to the entire picture.

So that’s where I stand on day 28. Could have worked a little harder maybe, but I feel that what I did do on these songs should not have been rushed. I don’t like working on a song that I feel is not ‘cutting it’. I don’t finish songs that I think are bad. If something’s not clicking, I scrap it and start something new.

Thanks for being my co-pilot throughout the month. I’m interested to see how I approach the next 5 songs.


Can’t Stop The Now...

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