12:58pm At the coffeeshop again! I’ve been trailing on the music end, but have really been going to town on lyrics. Song #5 is called “The Remedy” and I’ve just scratched out the basics. It’s funny how hard on myself I am with lyrics. I wanted to use the word ‘crimson’ to describe something, but I used that word in the bridge of a song called “Scattering Platinum” a few years back, so I went with something different (I used the word ‘avocado’ instead). Also, there’s a passage in here where I begin two consecutive phrases with “I know…” and I did that already in a song called “Breakdown at Creation” in 1995, but it was sung in French in that song, so I thought I’d cut myself some slack on that one. Here are the lyrics, just two verses and a chorus so far:

the remedy

am i done with the external things
i thought might bring me pleasure
what then fills the hole instead
while i search for some internal treasure

can i point with a pin
when my palatial home became a tiny jail?
was it a race for someone else to win
before my avocado boat set sail?

for comfy memories
or whatever crap on which I’ve been depending
this simple moment
might just be the remedy
for whichever disbelief I’ve been suspending

oh i know
it’s harder than it sounds
for a head that might as well be made of plaster
and i know
these thoughts spin round and round
the mind makes better servant than a master

So this song, like “Famous Bones” have me very invigorated. This RPM Challenge month has started very lyric heavy. It’s probable that the end of the month will be music heavy. I’m kind of just trusting the process. Write lyrics when I feel like writing lyrics, and get down to the music when I feel like writing music.

When I’ve locked on to lyrics I really care about, I get jazzed about writing music for them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with my antics so far this month. Feel free to chime in in the comments section if the spirit moves you.


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