Wow! I am totally excited about this song. As far as I can tell, it’s finished except for the 3 part harmony female vocals which I hope to get down next week.

I did have to change up some of the lyrics. When I was sitting at coffee earlier I sculpted a bit but left the bridge part fairly open to I could make up some words to fit the music there. I’m very happy with what I came up with. I feel like I’m getting back to the younger WS who would take such great care in lyrics and harmonies. Not get bogged down in the ‘gotta finish this’ mentality.

There’s an irony about having to make 10 songs in 28 days. Sure, I’m rushed, but I mapped out today to work on just this song. I had all day to make it perfect.

I would have added more to the song’s chorus if this were going out today. Keep in mind, there’s going to be 3 harmonies there, R&B style. This is most definitely going to be on my full length record that comes out in Spring.

And for those of you playing at home, here’s the finished lyrics:

hit the ground with my head in a splint
trudgin’ through my urban myth
labor under misapprehension
that baby in me loves depression

as far as I can see
nothing good will come of me
baby what’s come over me?

sleep if you must
but stay up later!
put on the cans and then
rock the faders

up three flights in concrete boots
that gravity snail loves pursuit
criss-cross misapprehension
wind up in a cool dimension

as far as I can see
the future is half bright for me
baby won’t you join me?

sleep if you must
but stay up later!
put on the cans and then
rock the faders
sleep if you must
roll out the cans and then
rock the faders

phone pole’s flyers peeling
stick to the woo
banging on the ceiling
ah ah ah
i don’t care
what you’re feeling:
it’s temporal

sleep if you must
but stay up later!
bust out the cans and then
rock the faders

i used to be afraid to fly


In other news, I’ve talked to my friend Traci who said she’d be interested in playing bass / contributing vocals to a track. I’m going to write song #2 with this in mind. Stay tuned!

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