RPM Challenge: Ahead of Schedule!

I suppose I shouldn’t jinx myself. At the outset, I knew I had to make 10 songs in 28 days. That’s almost 3 days to work on each song. The way it’s working out, I’m on track to do a song every two days. Only God Can Hear You Sing is complete and when I get home from the coffeeshop here, I’m going to put vocals on to Teeth But Didn’t Bite. I’m tempted to do another video, but coming up with raw footage is tricky, especially when I should be spending time working on songs #3 and #4 which I’ve already got the lyrics for.

I made a rule for the RPM Challenge that once a song/video is finished and mixed, I’m not allowed to go back and listen to it until all ten songs are done. At my pace, I should be able to finish all ten songs and still have time left over to go back and fix a few things here and there. Most of the time I’ve got months to let a song sink in. With these songs I have only about a day. I know right off that I need to build up the last chorus in Only God Can Hear You Sing because it kind of peters out energy wise. I’m sure I’ll have similar odds and ends to tie up on the other songs too.

Oh, on the tech front… my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is hiccuping when it autosaves whatever song I’m recording. I’m hoping this is a glitch of some sort… and NOT my hard drive dying. When I’m done with a recording session, I habitually move all the files over to my external drive in case of emergency- so things should be fine. If my hard drive does die, it will take precious time to install a new one and reinstall my OS, etc. We do have a spare PC in our studio (which happens to have a lot more RAM than mine does), so in the interest of saving time I’d probably just restore my last disk image right to that machine. But enough of my yakkin’. Let’s go home and sing!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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