“as i near the tunnel on the outside of the city… my light is fading… my light is fading fast. go on and do what you do best, and i’ll do what i do- running life- running from life.” before i finished the letter, kos opened the diner door and tony slowly went for his gun. i dove underneath the table like i didn’t know anything. there she was with that soft angle waiting and like an envelope to jesus my mouth sealed it with a kiss. when the trouble was gone, i stood up like i didn’t know anything.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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Se você gosta de um bom Rock Alternativo, não deixe de conferir agora mesmo o novo single do norte-americano chamado William Is. O nome desse


El músico y productor estadounidense William Is presenta el sencillo «Tread», un track cercano al rock pop donde su energía destaca, ya que alimenta alimenta