The Lonely Sounds of Decidedly Blue

I just finished up a new tune called “Decidedly Blue”. I wanted to emulate a jazz standard, so there’s upright bass and a brush-snare figure going on underneath. It was pretty hot this weekend in Chicago, so I had my studio window open and my ceiling fan on. Ordinarily, this is horrible for recording vocals, as it adds a lot of extra noise to the track. I felt in this case that the cicadas and crickets outside as well as the sound of the fan contributed to the ‘lonely’ feel of the song, so I kept them. In response to my singing (I guess), my cat Henry chimed in during the brief pause after the bridge section. I left that in, too.

The song will be released as part of Kaleidoscope Volume Five which arrives on September 1st. Become a patron of the Kaleidoscope project and be the first to hear this and other new music as soon as it’s created.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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