Back in 2015, I played a few live shows here in Chicago with bandmates Mike Koelling (bass) and Jeff Kropp (drums). After the gig, and much to my surprise / enjoyment, the live engineer offered to burn a data DVD for me containing the isolated tracks from the performance. This means he had one track for my vocals, one track for my guitar, and separate tracks for bass and all the different drum mics. For a producer like me, this was a dream come true- especially because it had been a really good show.

I went home and mixed the tracks together and added in the stereo version of our backing tracks. The result is a very punchy, super-energetic recording of 6 of my best tunes, along with a heavy cover version of a Gordon Lightfoot hit, which I went ahead and licensed for streaming and digital sales (because Gordo deserves a cut!)

I’ve been taking the opportunity of shelter-in-place to put many of my as-of-yet-unheard projects onto streaming services and into the digital domain, and this live set is no exception.

The album Live Wire is dropping on May 15th!

Pre-Save the album now on Spotify and enter to win a vintage Fun-Pak including 4 cds, 4 WS rock-n-roll buttons, a magnet, and sticker!


Can’t Stop The Now...

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