Letters Never Sent

In 1995, I released an album on cassette called Letters Never Sent. Like most of my records, I play almost all the instruments on it, with the exception of the song “Capulet Grin” which features the horn section from the ska/punk band Blue Meanies (i.e. Jim Berry & John Paul Camp III).

The songs hold up quite well, IMO, and could even slip in as newly released tracks in the 80’s style, which is a thing these days. There is a great rawness to these tunes. A lot of the songs are guitar based (see: “This April Evening, and “Hey! Pretty Auburn”), which for some reason I strayed away from later in my songwriting journey.

It was a great experience remastering these tracks, and editing for time in some cases. The songs are much punchier now, and spending time with the music from this period has inspired me to get back into the heavier side of what I do, which you’ll most certainly hear on my upcoming “ATYPICAL” EP.

Do me a favor and pre-save Letters Never Sent on Spotify. In exchange, you’ll be entered to win a cool Vintage WS Prize-Pack that includes 4 cds, 4 rock n’ roll buttons, a magnet, and a sticker. The album will also appear in your Release Radar playlist the moment it goes live on Friday, June 19th.

Enjoy the songs!

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