Ack! I’m so excited to complete my Kid Ghosts EP that I find myself working on it at the oddest of hours. There’s something nice about working the third shift though. Silence in the apartment, no street traffic outside. It’s as if the whole world is sleeping.

I feel my ears are better than they’ve ever been. I did a new mix for one of the album tracks tonight and it sounds a million times better than it did before. Scooping out a little EQ here, adding some compression there. There’s totally an art to mixing and I feel that I’m just at the start of my journey.

I mean- technically I’ve been doing it for 28 years, but I’ve never had any formal instruction, and books on the subject are BORING. It took a really cool video tutorial on to get my butt into gear. There were some total basics that I was missing… timing the reverb’s predelay and decay to breathe with the song. Starting the mix from the ground up using either the groove, the kick, or the vocal (I chose vocal for this song because I wanted them out in front). I used to just mix everything all at once and then wondered why I ended up sticking the meters all over the place. I love this shit. I wish I could keep working on improving my sound until I collapse from exhaustion. But alas, my soft pillow calls. It’s taking all my will to NOT start scratching out words and music for the album AFTER this one…

Can’t Stop The Now...

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