Kaleidoscope VOL07 arrives!

Today marks the arrival of Kaleidoscope VOL07. I can’t believe it’s been a full seven months since launch! I’m thrilled with where the project is going, the material I’ve been coming up with, and the technical hurdles I’ve had to overcome to express the math of nature through music.

I’m also eternally grateful to the following people who have gotten behind the project in the early stages: Talha Basit, Jay MacIntosh, Jackie Sestak, Brent LaRowe, Megan Baldeschwiler, Jeff Kropp, Gere Boyle, Martina O’Boyle, Dani Friedland, Vincent Colombo, Dr. Mary Brown, Alex Leong, and of course, my incredible wife and collaborator Maureen.

VOL07 sees the culmination of some of my earlier experiments with nature and sound. The three-song bundle features the new piece “Rise”, which is intended as a cellphone wake-up alarm. I’ve based the notes as well as the rhythm figures on the Golden Section. It’s the first time I’ve married both time and pitch using the famous ratio and the results are pretty cool. It’s also the first time I taught my sampler how to play the (not on your regular keyboard) pitches! Think flute, oboe, and violins.

Patrons will also receive the mp3/FLAC of the song “Brutal” from the Love Song for Kyrie Snow cd, and the brand new track “Carbon”, on which I’m still wrapping vocals!

If you’re interested in math, or music, or nature, or how I combine all three, head on over to my Kaleidoscope page and become a patron! Over time I expect the musical systems to become more mature and consistent, and the level of composition to continue deeper. Come along for the ride!



Can’t Stop The Now...

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