Jessica Hopper: Critic!

I’ve been reading “The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic”, gifted to Maureen and me by our friend Jenny. For the book, author Jessica Hopper has compiled 50 previously-published articles on everything from the lack of woman-forward roles in Emo lyrics and Jim DeRogatis’ ongoing R. Kelly exposé, to varied and colorful memories of the Chicago scene over the past 15 years. The articles stretch from Jessica’s time writing for zines (Punk Planet, TinyLuckyGenius) up to her recent work for major outlets (Chicago Reader, Spin, Village Voice).

Choice excerpt:

“[Lady Gaga] one-ups all those who decry her work and platinum pop as not ‘real’ music- because it’s all “fake”- by making it the most fabulous fake that ever faking faked. To be sure, Gaga’s “fake” is at least as real as the “real” of any self-conscious Brooklyn beardo ’bout to be discovered by Pitchfork.”

I love it! Since my own blog began, I’ve been writing a bit about some of the shows I’ve been attending, but haven’t spent much time reading other coverage or criticism. It’s great to read about art from the perspective of another writer- and especially a woman- who often brings up points about music and lyrics I never would have noticed before due to my privileged position as a white dude. Jessica is an amazing and entertaining writer, and I’m thrilled to have my hands on a book I can’t put down.

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