George Ezra at Elbo Room

This Saturday, Maureen and I went to see George Ezra play a mini-concert at Chicago’s Elbo Room on Lincoln Ave. George has been very successful in Europe (in 2015, his ‘Budapest’ single hit the top 10 in six countries). His baritone voice betrays his youthful looks, and his songs smack of singer/songwriter style expressed through an almost bubble-gum pop arrangement / production.

George played three songs, first was ‘Shotgun’ which is the first single from his new album “Staying at Tamara’s”.

In between songs, Ezra explained that Tamara was the name of an internet friend of his that he stayed with on a trip to Barcelona, inspiring the album name. Next, George played the song ‘Hold My Girl’, also off “Staying at Tamara’s”. He wrapped up the set with his smash, ‘Budapest’. George said the song was about a place he decided not to visit, and lists many objects he in actuality does not possess.

After the set, George stuck around for a meet-and-greet, taking pictures with fans and signing autographs for the crowd. WXRT created a limited edition poster for the event that was pretty cool, too. Thanks much to Goose Island for sponsoring the show, as part of their 312unes music series events.

Hear these tunes along with other secret show setlists on my WXRT / Goose Island StudioX Spotify Playlist.

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