then we slowly floated to the glass ceiling
and our bodies evaporated
souls coasting back to the ground

we took other forms
and our reflections in the glass doors
told me we were now teen girls
hit on by dirty men
and after advances rejected
they began their stabbing
knives swished through
as if we were ghosts
we continued unharmed
you yourself and i a stout brown dog
after awhile
i became myself again
pinned you hotly up against the wall

even without heels still taller than i
my hands wrapped around your sides
thumbs at twelve o’clock
you in a white wife-beater
through which i see
rims of nipple rings

“you’re much smarter than i am”
i insist “take a look!”
so you ambulate around
this menagerie of coincidences peering
then back to the wall
beneath my fingers again

“in all my experience i cannot explain”
you profess
“you can’t tell me it’s not real”
i say
and the metamorphosis begins

for safety height diminishes
and you become your older sister
“don’t do that”
i implore
for defense your eyes roll back
head shrinks and wrinkles
hair into wisps
“you’re scaring the hell out of me”
i manage out white lips
and again you return to self
like a boat tossed now righted

you complement me.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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