Heads up! I’m releasing a new single on January 28th (my birthday). The song is a wild departure from what I usually do musically… so it’s definitely something to hear! I’m doing a “Pre-Save on Spotify” link, so you can get the single on your Release Radar the instant it comes out. Click here to Pre-Save “Farmboy’s Theme” to Spotify

If you know my wife Maureen, you know that (among a gazillion other skills) she’s a gifted illustrator. She’s got a DIY silkscreen kit currently in transit, and has created a very cool t-shirt design for the new single. We’re going to draw a winner from all the people who pre-save the single, and send them out one of her hand-made shirts.

Because they’re so cool, we’re thinking about putting these shirts up for sale on this website. This will be a very limited-edition run… but since we’re now going full-tilt on Spotify, I’m planning to release new songs on a monthly basis going forward. We’ll do the pre-save option for every single, and make a different silkscreen shirt run / contest for each.

In Maux’s web-research, she uncovered a couple contest / giveaway websites, and listed the Farmboy’s Theme Spotify Pre-Save / T-Shirt Giveaway on those. Here’s the back-end of the promotion-hub website that generates the landing page for our pre-save:

So far, 49 people have signed up to pre-save my new single. Be Number Fifty And Enter To Win The Awesome Handmade T-Shirt!

Can’t Stop The Now...

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