…last night I had a dream that I was in the 4th dimension? It was bizarre. Everybody had two symmetrical faces and walked in unusual patterns down unusual halls. Somebody threw a book to me and it didn’t go in a straight line, but rather it spiraled around me before I caught it.

Then I was a bird flying over a Clinton fundraiser or something. She said “that’s not Steffey, is it?” I guess she knew I wasn’t a supporter. I asked crow how the universe knew it was me. Crow said some name that I didn’t recognize. I asked how that person knew it was me. Crow said “Amy”, a friend of mine from high-school who lives in Australia.

I have all these intense dreams and then I wake up to a strange depression. Shit- is this all there is? I try to go back to sleep to recapture all the magic and it’s just gone. When I was dreaming all this I knew I was dreaming and I thought it would inform my waking world. That all this is temporal. All this strife is folly. Hm.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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