“It wasn’t a matter of time,” he said as they boarded one of the silver capsules of the London Eye. “more a matter of courage.” As the door clasped itself shut, she looked out over the Thames, somewhat deep in thought. “It was just a little weird…” she paused in her interminable way. Was she finished with her sentence? Was there more to come? The machinery began to hum and the capsule rose into the thick English air. “…to not hear from you for three months, then to hear from you at 3:30 in the morning.” He stood quietly, surveying his reflection in the glass.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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El músico y productor estadounidense William Is presenta el sencillo «Tread», un track cercano al rock pop donde su energía destaca, ya que alimenta alimenta


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William Is é a nova encarnação do artista multimídia de Chicago William Steffey. Sua carreira na produção musical começou aos 11 anos, quando recebeu um gravador