I’m completing my Reality Jockey album step-by-step as finances allow. Music’s all done, song order has been finalized, and I have just completed the album cover artwork which I’m sharing with you today. The “Blue Morpho” butterfly design on the album’s front was used with permission by Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo. Rafael’s pieces are based on the Golden Section- the same ratio I used to create the pitch and meter structures of the album’s two instrumental passages.

Additionally, the image of the butterfly often represents the process of evolution, or rebirth. I felt butterflies drawn from the ratio of the Golden Section were a wonderful complement to some of the lyrical themes of the songs inside. I isolated one of the brighter blues of the butterfly to comprise the solid background of the album cover’s back which features the track listing.

What is your favorite album cover? What makes a cover iconic? Feel free to comment below.

Can’t Stop The Now...

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