Blood Diamonds: The Music Video

Maureen and I have been working on the video for Blood Diamonds for a very, very long time. If you follow me on Instagram (and why wouldn’t you?) you may have seen some clips from it I used as a countdown for the single’s release at the beginning of the month. After six years of production, the music video is finally complete!

We’re still deciding the best way to promote the video in the interest of getting it the widest audience possible. Ideally, we’ll get a well-trafficked music website to debut the video, as opposed to simply posting it on Facebook and having it disappear into the ether in a day.

We’ll most likely put the video out on April 3rd, to coincide with the release of the 20/20 singles collection, on which Blood Diamonds appears.

Here is Maureen explaining the different visual layers of “Theo”, the 3D model she created and animated for the video.





Can’t Stop The Now...

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