Airport Hookers: November Update

Last Autumn, I decided to start a recording collaboration with my friend Tim Koelling. Apart from being a top-notch saxophone player, he’s also a very skilled writer and arranger. I was intrigued by the idea of fusing Tim’s more jazz-oriented chord progressions with my postmodern rock instrumentation and production style.

Just over a year later, and especially after locking in the insanely talented lyricist / singer Kate Schell, the Airport Hookers project has really taken on a voice of its own.

We’re just about to wrap the three songs we started with, and Kate and I have discussed playing live shows with a band (at its inception, Airport Hookers was purely a studio project). If you’ve been to a concert in your life, you have probably noticed that bands play for about 40 minutes at the very least, meaning that there is still a lot of writing ahead of us if we want to hit the stage. We’re not in the mood to play 3 originals and 7 covers!

My regular readers probably know that each February since 2015, I’ve attempted (with varying degrees of success) to write and record 10 songs in the 28 days that month has to offer. This February, I’m going to focus exclusively on material for the Airport Hookers project.

Writing and recording that many songs in such short a time is not a cakewalk, and I don’t expect to have fully fleshed out piano parts and horn sections by Feb 28th, but hopefully Tim, Kate, and I can get down the basic progressions and lyrics. Ya know- the real meat of the songs. Or perhaps tofu if you’re vegan?

Here’s a video clip of Kate and I tracking vocals on Song03, which ultimately became “Carousels”. The title and circular themes in the lyrics were inspired by the metaphor of a baggage carousel at an airport. Thanks for following along, and stay tuned for more updates and tidbits!

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