Airport Hookers: June Update

Last October I envisioned an avant-garde studio project called Airport Hookers. I posted a bit about it and made creation videos of the songs with sax player Tim Koelling, trombonist Alex Leong, and pianist Josh Siegal. Things got busy and the project stalled for a little while during the release of the Reality Jockey album, but then something cool and unforeseen happened. In March, “Reality Jockey” was reviewed in New City along with another local release, Kate Schell’s “Past Present Future”. (I must say, the review flatters both albums endlessly, so I naturally encourage you to soak it up!)

Within a few days, Kate got in touch to see if I wanted to play some shows with her to keep the momentum of the press coverage going. (Kate and I share the same publicist). As it happens, I don’t have a band together right now, so I politely declined, then went to check out “Past Present Future” on Bandcamp. I bought the album on the spot, downloaded it to my phone, and have listened to it 20 or 30 times since. Kate’s lush vocals and masterful lyrics mesh into this wonderful electronic / pop framework production that I literally find myself humming on a daily basis.

After a few weeks, I realized that Kate would be a perfect fit for Airport Hookers. Kate and I met up at the trusty Huettenbar in Lincoln Square and talked project details over a couple of Temperance Gategrashers (not an official endorsement… yet!) Kate just shot a music video in Austin and is about to embark on a Nashville > New York > Michigan tour before making her way back home to Chicago. Tim has just arranged the horns for SONG02, and I’m working on guitars for a very- astral? moody? pieces that might turn into SONG03 (Kate will be coming up with more exciting titles than my working ones). I’m hoping to have the 3 songs ready for lyrics and vocals when Kate gets back into town.

PEEP THIS! Get your hands on a copy of Kate’s new compact disc by being the first person to email me with the subject “PAST PRESENT FUTURE”. If you’re jane/johnny-come-lately, you can still check out Kate’s record on Bandcamp or give her some spins on Spotify. More Airport Hookers updates and video to come!

06/28/19 UPDATE: Congrats to Jackie Sestak, the winner of the Kate Schell compact disc.


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