An American Multimedia Artist

William has been scribbling in colorful notebooks and making music on any instrument he can find since his early teens. After brief spasms of higher education in Iowa City and Chicago, he doubled down on the art life and released a string of sixteen albums in the sophistipop style. Press reviews are voluminous and wildly polarized, while the music enjoys airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide.

William has kept an online journal since the late 20th century, filling the glowing screen with post-modern musings, dreamscapes, and lyrics that encompass both. This year, the pandemic gave him the opportunity to compile his favorite written works and publish Time is a Fine White Lie. Following the sage advice of his wife Maux, William embarked on the challenge of producing the audiobook version. He reached out to high-school bandmate Greg Chun—now a voiceover artist in Los Angeles—who corralled an impressive array of actors to read each of the seven chapters in the book.

The stories draw largely on William’s experiences with bipolar disorder, and often tease out the mythological archetypes that would routinely emerge throughout his adventures. Falling smack dab in the middle of a Venn diagram with Haruki Murakami and Joseph Campbell at the poles, Time is a Fine White Lie may be the closest thing we have to a traveler’s journal from that latent, ephemeral possibility—at once a tribute, warning, antidote, and gateway—to that which we take for granted.

William’s retro-pop track “Want it All” is featured on the 2-LP Situation Chicago vinyl compilation along with Jeff Tweedy, Poi Dog Pondering, and OK Go, with 100% of proceeds going to Chicago music venues affected by Covid-19.