An Evening at the Intersect of Art & Science

On December 15th, we’ll be celebrating the vinyl release of the William Is album, “LISTEN EVERY DAY”, which features music theory derived from The Golden Ratio. Keeping with the theme of the mathematics of nature, William will also be reading selections from The Platypus Letters, a collection of his Platonic Solid Poetry.

“Building music and poetry based on the math of nature comes easy for me. For me it affords a connection to something much larger than myself. Some people find this function by participating in religion. Some find theirs amidst the throbbing beat of the club dance floor. For others, it’s as easy as looking up at the silver stars against the evening sky,” William says.
“I find the art of creation can be a dance with nature itself- and what better steps to follow than the sequence unfurled in the spiral of a nautilus shell? What better rhythm to step than the ratios inherent in a single molecule of water? In this work I find meaning, and in these numbers I too can participate in the song of the universe. Along my way I hope to create words and music in which others might find a bit of meaning themselves.”

To complement the words and music, we’ve invited friend and fellow artist Gregory Hyder to display his abstract paintings. Greg will also be painting live along to the music, creating an original work on the fly.

We’ll also be holding a raffle to benefit local mental health organization, THRESHOLDS.

Join us for a fantastic evening at the intersect of art and science! It’s all going down at Esquina Chicago at 4602 N. Western Ave.


William Is

William Is: the new incarnation of Chicago multimedia artist William Steffey. His music production career began at the age of 11 when he received a Tascam 244 multitrack cassette recorder as a gift from his father. William’s solo catalog contains over 250 songs, many of them employing original music theory techniques he invented based on the mathematics of nature. During Covid, William published “Time is a Fine White Lie” and “He and She”, two collections of short stories, both available in audiobook formats.

Gregory Hyder

Gregory Hyder is an artisan. How? He’s a classically trained musician who has cultivated legendary parties and weddings at some of the nation’s finest hotels and combined his variety of talents into a life well lived. We all find ways to express ourselves. Gregory picked up a paintbrush on a whim, and a different world came to life. A world of colors, inspired by his garden and his travels. He works with various materials, mostly acrylics and oils, but won’t ignore broken glass or the occasional chia seed.