Ankh Earrings [redux]

In the interest of shaking up my email blast, I’ve decided to include another non-RPM Challenge post. I wrote a song ages ago that never ended up on an album and I’m not sure why. I must have considered it for Songs For The Sacred Age but it probably didn’t make the cut for timing reasons (only so many songs can fit on 2 cds!).

I’ve always wanted to rework it using the tools and experience that I’ve gained since the song was first written- according to the notation I dug up, on September 6th of 1993.

Since the RPM Challenge guidelines specify you’re not supposed to use any material not written within the month, I’m saving this task for next month. I DO want to include this song on my full-length album that I hope to release in Spring.

I’m happy I found the notation, because I haven’t figured out a song by ear in ages and I’m really rusty. And I really want to include the 2 harmonized guitar picking parts which I never would have been able to untangle without the tablature you can see on the bottom page.

The song isn’t anywhere online (although I think the lyrics are in the archive on this website). I’m looking forward to bringing this track into 2018. It’s killer.